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On Demand Examination Procedure

Features of the Scheme of On-Demand Exam

This innovative and flexible scheme of On-Demand Exam is independent of the traditional fixed time frame and has the following features:

  • No need to wait for the six-monthly term end examination.
  • Online issue of Hall Ticket mentioning the date, venue and time of examination.
  • Students can register online for On-Demand Exam anytime from anywhere.
  • Multi-mode registration-fee payment system including online payment through Credit Card or payment through bank draft.
  • Multilayer security system to maintain confidentiality and secrecy of the entire process.
  • Exam conducted under web-based closed circuit camera surveillance.
  • Encryption of the Question papers immediately after their generation.
  • Individualized question papers for different students generated on the day of examination.
  • Online submission of attendance on the day of exam.
  • Online submission of the awards and marks by the examination superintendent.
  • Automated online clarification of doubts and information to the students.