10:00 AM - 05:00 PM




Regular Mode

Students who would like to attend classes in regular mode and attend practical classes can join the yoga programmes in regular mode. The classes will be conducted systematically by expert faculties who are well experienced. 75% attendance is required to attend exams.


Students who have passed X Standard or XII Standard as may be required will be strictly followed for Regular admissions. Students who have not passed X Standard or XII Standard as the condition may be will not be considered for admission to regular yoga programmes.

Examination Procedure:

The Examination will be conducted systematically in written format and invigilators will inspect the Examination hall.For assignment and viva voce separate marks will be allotted. At the end of the programme a Project Work needs to be submitted illustrating the scope of his/ her subject. Again marks will be allotted for Project Work.Students who do not appear for all examinations will be marked absent. Results will be announced in 30-45 days from the date of completion of examination Certificates will be awarded based on whether the student has passed the exam or not. Regular Certificate will be awarded for the students who pass the exams in regular mode.